CDM has extensive operational management and transactional experience as well as broad financial and capital market partnerships, providing value-added strategic financial services for our clients.

We work on assisting clients to unlock and optimize value in growth or special circumstance opportunities, in essential moments across their companies’ evolution. We do this by:

  • Arranging appropriate capitalization and financing plans that will help them meet their objectives
  • Funding accelerated growth through organic and strategic acquisitions
  • Ensuring alternative financing, through financial insurances and special payment guarantees
  • Assisting with debt restructuring advisory and related debt financing needs

Corporate debt finance

Project / Working capital financing

We aim to provide best in class financial related services that support our clients’ sustainable growth. We are structuring and executing a wide range of transactions matching our clients’ strategy and goals. Our extensive expertise and deep understanding of the market allows us to offer tailor made solutions for the customers’ financial needs.

CDM will support its clients by:

  • Managing the partnerships with financial institutions
  • Properly structuring the transaction
  • Negotiating the terms and conditions with the lenders
  • Managing the project participants and documentation flow
  • Preparing the business plan and financing model
  • Arranging special lending structures such as project finance, club loan.

Equity & Capital Raising

We put our expertise at work in sourcing, structuring, partnering and financing of projects involving companies activating in different sectors. CDM is leading complex projects to success.

CDM will support its clients by:

  • Managing partnerships with financial institutions or strategic investors.
  • Securing equity capital in order to help companies grow or recapitalize their balance sheets
  • Advising them and meeting their needs for growth capital, acquisition financing, buyouts and inter-generational planning, and customize structuring for transactions that suit its business objectives.

Mergers & acquisitions

CDM is the partner you need for the challenging stages of M&As. With extensive experience advising clients throughout the entire lifecycle of M&A transactions, we are ready to support you in successfully reaching your business goals.

In M&A management we provide the following services:

  • Transaction preparation (understanding target’ goals – establishing strategic objectives, drafting processes framework, building up the vendor due diligence documents pack)
  • Target assessment; market and industry context (investment thesis development; sector attractiveness; screening for potential buyers’ identification)
  • Negotiation and deal completion
  • Exit preparation (operational and strategic enhancement; financial forecast valuation; managing legal aspects and other professionals involved in the final stages of the transaction).

Insurance financing & Special guarantees

CDM is the guide you need for providing efficient alternative financing, such as financial insurances and/or special payment or performance guarantees. With a sound expertise, advising clients improve working capital requirements with alternative solutions, we are ready to help you in successfully reaching your business goals.

Within alternative financing, we provide the following services:

  • Providing a wide range of alternative financing solutions in partnership with top European insurers
  • Managing of commercial risk exposure related to working capital
  • Supporting revenue growth through optimal receivables management risk cover
  • Structuring of special bonds and guarantees.

Corporate debt restructuring

CDM has extensive experience working with liquidity-challenged companies, and those operating under loan default conditions, to solve pressing financial concerns. We will represent companies with solid business fundamentals, but who are having trouble finding the right mix of financing or are overleveraged.

We work with your financial department to maximize your cash flow and minimize your debtor days. Using our expertise, we recommend a plan for debt recovery.

Our approach to the restructuring process includes:

  • Understanding a client’s core businesses and a determination of going-concern and liquidation values.
  • Debt portfolio evaluation.
  • Preparation of a detailed analysis to project realizable cash flows and long-term growth in value.
  • An analysis of the issues unique to each company and the objectives of its creditors and investors.
  • Development of a financing structure and recovery strategy that will maximize value, and satisfy resolution of priority creditor concerns.
  • Negotiation with the financial stakeholders.

Non-Performing Loans
Investment & Management

CDM handles NPL portfolios for both corporate and SMEs.
We are providing advsory for both banking institutions and inveator interested in acquiring NPLs.

  • Corporate and SMEs NPL portfolios
  • Corporate NPL restructuring
  • Restructuring approach, payment plans
  • Additional guarantees
  • Possibility of impacting debtor suppliers
  • SME NPL recovery
  • Quick identification of status (function, insolvency, liquidations)
  • Amicable approach (3-12 months collections period, after proposing legal action in accordance with debtor reaction)
  • Identification of real assets and enforcement through bailiff network
  • Corporate NPL recovery
  • Amicable approach (negotiations, visits, haircuts)
  • Legal procedure (executions of guarantees)
  • Insolvency experience
  • Identification of assets

Special Opportunity Funding
CDM aims to support entrepreneurs and business owners that require fast capital through its own Special Opportunity Fund.
We provide a financing for innovative projects in need of short-term capital, in just 5 steps:

  • Investment opportunity analysis
  • Evaluation & investigation
  • Deal negotiation and due diligence
  • Capital allotment